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50 Golden Years Track Listing

1. Nisiotika medley - Xekina Mia Psaropoula - Mia Psaropoula - Ena Karavi Apo Ti Xio

2. Ximeroni Kai Vradiazi (Rembetiko)

3. De Tha Xana'gapiso - Vrehi Fotia, Sti Strata Mou (zembekiko)

4. Ti Sou Lei H Mana Sou Ya Mena - Ala Mou Len Ta Matia Sou

5. Kritiko Sirto  - Oso Varoun Ta Sydera - Kritiko Pendozali

6. Frango Siriani

7. Kalamatiana - Mesa sto nero - Skali Skali - Egiotissa - H Mana M0u Me Derni

8. Tsamiko - Itia

9. Zembekiko - Glikoharazoun Ta Vouna

10. Tsiftetelli - Exo Dertia Ke Kaimi

11. Aptaliko tou Tykie

"Family" Track Listing

1. Lege Oti Thes

2. Den Pao Pouthena

3. Greek Wedding Song

4. Agape me

5. Ke Pao Pao

6. Tsinganiko

7. Yia Ta Lefta Ta Kanis Ola

8. Aginara Me T'Agathia/O Aetos

9. Yiati Glikia Mou Kles/Sala Sala

10. Sana Zito Sti Saloniki

11. Ime Anevazmenos

12. Kokino Garifalo


Reviews of 50 Golden Years


Dear Georgio - 


For 50 years I have been not only a fan, but great friends of this Fabulous Family! The love and passion of music NEVER disappoints! From the first note of every song of any CD, you know you are getting the BEST of the BEST in music and talent. Music IS MEDICINE! And if you don't believe me - just listen to this band play live! Your feet could hurt so badly from all the dancing you've enjoyed all evening, but as you hear one more note being played, you KNOW you have to jump up on your feet and dance just one more dance! You cannot let this moment pass - for it is a precious time that cannot be taken for granted. Congratulations on 50 golden years! May God continue to grant you all the blessings from Above, by offering us the gift you have of making us joyful with your music!  Thank you! We love you dearly ! OPA! 

Kathy Zambelis

Memphis Tennessee 

"Your latest CD the Fabulous Grecian Keys  50 years is a smash hit. Anyone who loves Greek songs and dances must have this CD. You have done an outstanding job of recording beautiful songs. Keep up the great work.."

James P. Tatooles
                                                Wheeling, Illinois & Naples, Florida